WordPress: Cost Effective, Convenient And Comprehensive

What is common between Forbes and National Geographic? Well, considering the fact that they are devoted to disparate areas of interest and operation, the underlying commonality that they are both based on WordPress goes on to show how versatile WordPress is. It is equally the content management system of choice for small and large enterprises, bloggers and e-commerce sites. This leads people to the hunt for the Best WordPress hosting in town to make sure that their WordPress sites perform and deliver up to their fullest potential in terms of visitor traffic, return on investment, brand awareness, quality leads and loyal customers or followers.

Complemented by plugins and themes

WordPress offers innumerable themes for websites to choose from. This gives them the freedom to give a unique aura to the website that beautifully reflects the ethos. So a professional theme for a financial services provider and a bright theme for kids’ clothing store is simply available on WordPress and customizable too.

Plugins such as Backup Buddy to automate backups, Soliloquy for sliders, Ad Sanity for ad management are just some of the plugins from a sea of choices which make managing a website not only smooth, fast and easy but also positively uplifting.

A WordPress hosting for every one

The ease of installation, setup and customization means WordPress is a favorite of many. The constant updates, new features and bug fixes give people a reason to stick too. So, when starting a WordPress blog or website, the logical decision that has to be made next is to find a great host for the same. GPDHost has just what you need for hosting WordPress. So, if you want to be able to relax and channel resources towards strengthening your business performance, managed WordPress hosting takes care of the technicalities for you.

A cheap WordPress hosting plan that does not compromise on quality standards would mean that you have a supremely performing website with minimal downtime. GPDHost has Starter, Basic, Plus, Professional and Unlimited Plans which have different number of WordPress websites that can be hosted, storage, number of email accounts and MySQL databases.

We offer free DNS management with our host server. Secure FTP access and anti-spam and virus protection ensures secure WordPress hosting experience. Migration of your account to GPDHost and all other services are handled by a technical support team which can be contacted 24 hours of the day. Existing customers can submit tickets too.

Extract the maximum utility out of your WordPress website with our reliable hosting.