Switch to WordPress hosting and avail the maximum benefit for your business

If you’re a blogger or newbie in the online marketing field and want to explore your business online then you need to have a WordPress website for the same. WordPress is one of the best solutions that you can have from which you can easily build your website in a short period of time. To design and develop the website, the best decision you can make is to build a website through WordPress CMS. And for that, you can choose WordPress hosting for good results. WordPress CMS plays a vital role while making dynamic websites on the web. The dynamic website created with WordPress CMS requires constant care and attention, especially when the site has a large number of daily visitors. To manage the WordPress website means optimizing the same with respect to speed, security, efficiency, fault tolerance, scalability, and even disaster recovery. This is nothing but to ensure that the WordPress website is always available to visitors and there is minimum downtime.

There are two major types of WordPress hosting i.e. “Managed WordPress hosting” and “Unmanaged WordPress hosting”. The Managed WordPress hosting is the type of WordPress hosting in which you actually outsource the management of your WordPress installation to your hosting company. The primary purpose of this type of hosting is to enhance the overall WordPress experience.  Most of the Managed WordPress hosting providers provide services especially fine-tuned for the same which can be broadly categorized as caching tools, web application firewalls, version control tools, CDN routing, and many more.

The web hosting provider who provides managed WordPress hosting indicates the exact difference between their WordPress hosting plans and ordinary hosting plans. Even they also mention that you can add more features for a price. Moreover, they often sell features like CDN and version control as add-on packs which you have to pay for. On the contrary, if a web hosting provider has not specifically mentioned that they offer “Managed WordPress hosting” then you can assume that their WordPress plans have minor variations from their regular plans. On the other hand, the unmanaged WordPress hosting is exactly opposite to the Managed WordPress hosting. In that, everything is handled and taken care of by the customer itself. For that, the organization needs one expert executive who can handle the issues, if it arises while working on the same.

Nowadays in an online market, there are lots of web hosting providers that provide various hosting services such as unlimited web hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, etc. in more economical way. MilesWeb is India’s number one WordPress hosting provider that provides all the mentioned services at an affordable price point. The leading web hosting company claims that their managed WordPress hosting service is ideal for bloggers, web developers, WooCommerce stores, web design agencies and digital marketers. The top priority or the primary motto of the company is to provide best in class quality WordPress hosting service to their clients at the lowest cost. It really doesn’t matter, that you’re a newbie to WordPress or building a first WordPress website, the web hosting company’s cheap WordPress hosting plan will surely fulfil all your needs under one roof. 

India’s best WordPress hosting provider offers three different plans such as ACE, HEART and DIAMOND. The ACE plan starts at Rs. 69/ month, and includes features like 1 GB SSD disk space storage, 5 GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate, free Jetpack version.  You can choose either of the data center locations from the three such as India, UK and the US.

The noticeable features of WordPress hosting offered by MilesWeb are as follows:

  • Lifetime Free Domain
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • FREE SSL Security
  • WordPress Preconfigured
  • Fast Provisioning
  • Secure Email
  • Jetpack Premium / Professional

Now some of the technical features of WordPress hosting offered by MilesWeb are as follows:

  • Cloudflare Railgun
  • HTTPS By Default
  • GZIP/Brotli Compression
  • SFTP Access
  • WP-CLI
  • Dedicated WordPress Support
  • Daily Backups
  • CDN
  • Cloning
  • Server-side Optimizations
  • Caching

The major advantage of hiring the WordPress hosting plan from MilesWeb is that they offer Jetpack premium and professional services at no additional cost. Moreover, they offer all the plans with no hidden charges, no minimum contract periods, and data migration charges. You can easily manage each aspect of your website and access the features like security scanning, backups, brute force attack protection, spam filtering, spam protection, etc.

So, want to start your business with a new website? Design and develop your website with WordPress CMS and host it with MilesWeb for the best results.