Important Things to Look for When Buying A Refrigerator

You need to be very well researched and informed while buying a refrigerator. Being presented with a wide range of choices, one can easily be confused. There are a few important factors to consider that would really help in avoiding pitfalls at the time of making the purchase. A thoughtful consideration will get you the best refrigerator to suit your needs effectively.


Learning about the right size of refrigerator is very important. Most of the people commit mistake by not paying attention to this important aspect. To buy the right size of Haier, you need to take a measuring tape and measure the height, width, and depth of the place where you want to install your refrigerator.

Do include half inch of space on all four sides as an extra clearance for better air circulation. LG refrigerators come in variety of designs, configuration and features. They are the most leading and technologically advanced models available on the market.

Select a design

Refrigerator is available in several designs such as side by side freezer, top or bottom-freezer, French door, integrated and built-in freezer. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each design style of refrigerator to find the best pick.

Choose the right configuration:

Configuration of a refrigeration is very critical. A refrigerator comes in different configurations such as undercounter, counter-depth, or standard. A counter-depth refrigerator is best suited in islands and other closely spaced kitchen areas. Undercounter units are wine coolers, beverage centers, etc. that get installed below a 34″ counter.

Capacity of refrigerator

Again, one more consideration is to estimate the refrigerator capacity that you need. A refrigerator of 16 to 20 cubic feet space is sufficient for two people. You can add 1.5 cubic feet for every other member in your household.

Select a finish

Your refrigerator can come in various different finishes to choose from. It can be in stainless steel, white, or black.

Opening of the door

You need to check which way does your door swings open? Refrigerators come with a hinge left or hinge right configuration that refers to the side where the door hinge is attached from the user. If you are standing in front of your refrigerator, and the door handle is placed on the left and the hinge is present on the right side, then it will be referred as a hinge right refrigerator. In this case, you will find that the door will open from left side to right side.

Set a budget

Fixing a budget is very important to make a purchase that does not exceed your spending capacity. Fix your budget and go for models within that price range. You can compare the features and functionality of available models to choose the best one that serves your needs well.


To buy any home utility appliance, you need to learn about the technology and features that are built into them. Proper understanding will help you make an effective comparison and a worthy purchase. The above refrigerator purchase checklist will definitely assist you in addressing common questions and preventing mistakes that take up extra money and time.