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Once you will choose your domain name you can get better visibility and good business. You can mark your presence online and show your products online and you are in reach on uncountable customers. They can approach you in their need and you can get better business growth.

With GPD Host users can get many options regarding the extensions and they can select as per their choice. Users can register with unlimited options – .com, .net, .site, .org, .us and many more.

Users can select the domain name according to their business requirements. This article will look at the following aspects of choosing a domain name for your website:

Choosing/ finalizing your domain name: Having an idea of your aims/objectives, and also an idea of your website look/layout and content as discussed in another article can help you in choosing a name. You want your website name to suit your site’s topic area, and you also want it to be as memorable as possible. Whilst having a relatively short domain (4-6 letters long) can help with making your name memorable, remember that some of the most popular websites and brands (Facebook, Microsoft etc) aren’t necessarily short – more importantly they are pronounceable and they look good. Hence choose that kind of name that is easy to remember and simple too.


Choosing Your Domain’s Extension: Initially people were interested in .com domain only now they are open for others domain and we all know that .com domains are bit expensive as compared to other domains. We are trying to register with .com and that is already taken by someone then we can go for other extensions. Now a days users are open for it and it will cost at a lower side.

Of course, since “.com is king” and it’s the most popular TLD, there is a chance that version of your chosen name is already taken. In this case, you must either choose another website name entirely or look at registering one of the other available TLDs. For the purposes of this section, we will assume that you choose the latter option.

When some of the other TLDs were first introduced, they were assigned a particular meaning – i.e. “.net” were for ‘networking’ sites, “.org” were for organization sites, “.info” were for information sites and “.biz” were for business sites. However nowadays, particularly, such associated meanings aren’t as strong and so using one of the above for any type of website is more acceptable (in fact my first popular website – which is still running nowadays with 9,500+ members – used TLD). “.net” especially is a very popular TLD for any type of website.

Also remember that many different countries now have their own TLDs – known as ccTLDs (country code top level domains). For example, the United Kingdom has “” (along with “” etc), China has “.cn”, America has “.us” etc. Hence there are a range of options to choose from – if your website is more of a local one (i.e. and not specifically targeting an internationally diverse audience), choosing your specific ccTLD may be a good idea. Hence one can choose the domain extension as


Where to register your Domain Name: Firstly, I feel it’s important to say that many website hosts allow you to register domain names through them. And whilst this is convenient, it is usually recommended to register your domain name yourself at a Domain Name Registration and keep your hosting and domain name(s) separate. This allows you to have more control over your domain(s) and also if you ever wish to move hosts, you don’t also have to worry about moving your domain name out of your old host to your new host etc.

Protecting Your Domain

By protecting your domain, I don’t mean legally protect it (i.e. via trademarking or registering your Domain Name Search – which would be quite expensive). I’m referring to basic security measures like ensuring your domain is ‘locked’ and that your contact information is kept up to date.

A domain can either be “locked” or “unlocked” – by default after registering a name, it should always be “locked”. Locking a domain prevents it from being moved to another domain registrar. So be sure to check that your domain is locked after you register it.

Always keep your domain’s contact information up to date – there are numerous reasons for this. One of the main reasons is that when your domain becomes close to the renewal date, your domain registrar should e-mail your e-mail address on record to remind you to renew it. If your e-mail address is wrong or out-of-date, you may not get this e-mail and in a worst case scenario the domain could end up expiring and you could lose control of it.

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