How A Professional Can Boost Your SEO

In this day and age, it is more important than ever for a business to have a digital footprint. Digital marketing has become of the fastest growing industries in the world and it is estimated that it will grow by around 40% in the next three years. As the younger generation grows older we are seeing the use of applications, websites and social media playing a more important role in the lives of purchase decision-makers.

It is for this reason that more businesses are turning to the web as their main source of bookings, sales, and product education. Everyone from food trucks to large industries are finding their marketing reach expanding digitally. Last year alone some 6-billion products were sold online and 45-million bookings were made globally. Additionally, of 2 000 people recently surveyed 85% admitted to shopping online at least once a week. The easiest way for a business to take advantage of these numbers is to join the digital revolution.

Here are a few of the top reasons why a digital marketing firm can help increase your business reach:

Power Marketing

Digital marketing is proven to increase your business reach. When a business is not online, they rely on word-of-mouth or traditional advertising means to reach their audience. While around 30% of shoppers still use these to find services, your business is missing out on a 70% market share. If you are selling a product and reaching your immediate community through traditional advertising you need to think that you can double and even triple your reach when marketing your product online.


Setting up a website and hiring an SEO professional will cost you less than running an ad in the local paper. Many smaller businesses find it difficult to fork out thousands every year for advertising and for them, digital marketing has been the difference between being successful and closing their doors. The best part is that it really didn’t even cost them that much to start off with. Another way to think of it is that once a person is done with a newspaper, they recycle it, never to think of it again. But with digital marketing, the content which is produced will be available online forever.

It’s Measurable

You will never know how many people sat through your TV ad or read your newspaper ad, but through digital marketing, you are able to measure exactly how many people your post reached and how effective it was. This is done through analytical tracking of content. And, this also means that the company you hire will be able to give you a monthly report back on how your post did online. They will be able to equate the money spent on digital marketing to actually reach.

Real Buyers

When a newspaper tells you they reach 100 000 people can you really be sure that all those 100 000 are interested in the product you are offering? Through digital marketing, your campaigns will be targeted to reach the people you want to reach.