Top 5 Horror Movies

Movies of different genres are available on the internet. And today, we will discuss horror movies. These movies seek to evoke a sense of fear for the purpose of amusement or entertainment. Darkness, supernaturalism, and evil are some of the basic themes from which a sense of fear is derived. These themes might also be an overridden by themes of romance, science fiction and also thriller mysteries.

Initially, these themes were inspired by authors and writers like Edgar Allen Poe and Mary Shelly. These images often induce revulsions terror and nightmares as a result of driving a person to insanity. Therefore, often adult supervision is required before watching such films.

Now let us discuss some of the horror movies listed below. You can even log onto movies 123 to watch them:

  • Martyrs

This film was released in 2008 and produced by Language in France. The beginning of the movie has some extensively terrifying scenes where a young woman is stalked by a creepy shadow in her nightmares. The shadow runs after her with a razor this might not sound all that cool but yes like the movie proceeds you get to know the reason why. The scenes in the movie are a real gut punch and you get surprises of horror one after another. To sum up, the movie is a catharsis in the form of horror and themes of guilt-laden horror and sacrifices are explored in various ways.

  • Paranormal Activity

The movie might look a bit paranoid to some but the ones who are patient enough know that this is a dead serious horror film produced in the year 2007. When we turn off our bedroom lights and lie in our bed all alone, we are oblivious to what lies in the gloomy darkness and become prey to it. As the days pass by the fear becomes agonizing as the nail-biting scenes elicit chills down our spine. After watching the movie you might even become paranoid that a monster is crouching under your bed waiting until you back to sleep.

  • Evil dead

This movie contains the most grueling, rampant and gruesome of the scenes and gives you a sense of revulsion that you could possibly imagine. In the movie, there is enough blood to drown in, in the 2013 production that portrays carnival slaughter. You will be prone to the most jaw dangling scenes of twisting, tearing and ripping apart of mortal forms. After such hideous scenes, you could possibly wish to push off such images from your mind.

  • The Ritual

This 2017 production is like going to hell after a holiday. In this movie, four men decide to explore the dark woods after the death of their friend. As horror tries ensue all their exploration in the woods all our bullets of prediction are very interestingly dodged by them There are extremely creepy and terrifying scenes in the movie that await our friends to know them by their skin.

  • The Conjuring

You are sure not to miss this nasty piece of 2013 production. The house and their mother seem to be totally consumed by an evil soul lurking in their home unit they have freed by the master of horror named James Wan.