Type of investment

Getting your money to invest in right projects it’s the most blessed thing these days. There are many companies in the market who help you in doing so like Blue Ocean Capital Group. These investing companies help their customer to invest in best projects from where they can generate great cash flow from their investments. These companies help their customer to go for those projects which suit their goals and maximize their profit on investment.

Although these companies provide help in investing money of their customer the people who want to invest their money must have some know how about that. It will help them to work closely with these companies and came up with a more strong strategy of investment for them. There are different types of investment in which people mostly invest their money. We will talk about one of them which are Ownership investment.

Ownership Investments

Ownership investment is the most volatile and profitable investment. When a person is thinking about the investment the first option came to its mind is ownership investment due to the huge profit margin then other investments. There are many categories of ownership investment which will open for investment when you came to this side of the investment category.


Stock is literally meaning a certificate which makes you the owner of a company portion. If we talk in a broader sense all traded securities from futures to currency swaps are ownership investments. But in reality, what you hold is a contract with that company. When you buy these stocks of a company it will mean you own a portion of that company but as your investment increase in that company, it will give you some rights and decision-making power for that company.

The profit margin of your investment is decided by the market value of that company stocks. If you own the stocks of a company who is doing well so every other person in the market want the stocks of that company so the value of the stocks of that company raises. But you buy these stocks on fewer rates so if you decide to sell your stock at that time it will provide you profit because you sell it on the current market rate.


The other type of investment is to invest in an ongoing business project and get benefit from it. Because we all know a new startup need not only money but your time to if you invest in already establish a business you have more chances to get good profits.

Real estate:

Investment in real estate is the safest way to invest because the price of property always increases from its past price. So investing in real estate include three things buy a place and build a house on it and sell it and get profit. The other way to buy an old home renovates it and then sells it at a good price. The third option is to buy a house and give it on rent you can also go for commercial property and use it in the same way.