Better Blending

Mixing, or blending, is the process of combing two different materials into one product. Mixing and blending may seem like the same thing, but technically they are a little different. The process of blending is usually more gentle, and usually combines either two solid materials together or a solid with a small amount of liquid. Large industries usually require specialized equipment to handle the volume and sophistication of the blending process.

The Right Blender

There are several different ways to utilize industrial blenders for your company. Some machines are better for dry ingredients while others need a gentle touch. There are different types of blenders, such as ribbon or rotary blenders, and there are various ways to use the blender itself. One method of filling your blending machine is with a blending mezzanine. The style of these mezzanines can vary depending on the shape and size of your building. In multi-story buildings product can be dumped into the blender from the top, allowing discharge at the bottom. It is also possible to build a mezzanine that allows you to fill from the front.

When choosing the right blending machine it is important to consider cost. While a quality machine may require a lot of upfront financing, the cost is generally worth it. Engineers are continually modifying blender design to increase efficiencies and keep current with updated sanitation and safety procedures. It is also generally better practice to purchase a new instead of used machine. A used machine could require expensive repairs or modifications, while a new machine can be designed and constructed to fit your unique space. It is usually helpful to consult with a professional company before making a final decision.

Blending is a critical process in many industries, and it is important to choose a machine that fits your needs and your building considerations.