Smarter Options for the Best App Developers

Have you been walking around with a good app idea lately? Do you see opportunities in a market that you are familiar with? If you have made the choice to have an app made, there are a few things in which it is wise to delve deeper.

Work out your idea

Just a good idea is not enough to be successful with a new concept. It is advisable to work out the concept in a number of documents. Try to have the goal of creating a step-by-step plan and recording the choices made. It is advisable to draw each screen and to keep improving the documentation. The company also agrees with parties who have experience with the launch of an app. From elegant media you can now have the best deal.

Plan and budget

An app developers australia quickly asks 65 to 125 euros per hour. It is not uncommon to spend at least 50 hours of development and testing on a single platform such as Android or iOS. If you want an app that works on iPhones and Android devices, then those costs double. One way to limit costs is to write a so-called hybrid app, this is an app built around web technologies where the same program code can be used for both platforms. Among other things, a bit of speed is handed in, but costs can be saved. This solution is often used for simple apps without 3d graphics or animations.

Keep in mind that most options and highest performance can only be achieved with an app that is specifically built for one type of device. It is therefore a consideration.

Pay attention to the little ones

If you are just starting a business and the market value of the app has yet to be proven, it is smart to have an app develop lean up. They then create a simplified version of the app for one type of device, for example only for iOS. This can then be tested on the target group. If the app does not appeal to the target group, less investment is lost and the app must be refined with user feedback. When the app hits the target group, a second version can be started for the other platform. In both cases, valuable feedback is gained during the testing of the prototype, as a result of which version 2 of the app is greatly improved compared to the first version.

Choose a launch platform

Another choice that must be made is on what type of devices you want your app to work. Do you only go for Android or iOS, for tablets or smartphones, or do you go for all devices regardless of the type? By far the most popular platforms are Android and iOS (Apple’s operating system). In 2015 they together served 96.3% of the market. Unfortunately, apps written for Android cannot work on iPhones or iPads. An Android app is written in the Java programming language, while an iOS app is written in Swift or Objective C.